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As far as we know, the icons on the cfhip Icon pages are all freely available. We'd be glad to acknowledge any original sources if told to us. If you have a icon set you would like to add then E-mail them to us in a zip file to Icon@cfhip.co.uk.

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  • Download : aliens.zip
  • Number of Icons : 37
  • File Size : 33K
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • alien man smile Face space icon

Men in black

  • Download : Men in black.zip
  • Number of Icons : 23
  • File Size : 18K
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • Men in black Space alien Folders Movie icon


  • Download : Space.zip
  • Number of Icons : 69
  • File Size : 59K
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • star sun space tv sifi moon icon


  • Download : Space2.zip
  • Number of Icons : 25
  • File Size : 30k
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • Astronaut Earth Galaxy Hale-Bopp Jupiter lunar module Moon rocket satellite setimon shuttle stellarium Icon


  • Download : SpaceAliens.zip
  • Number of Icons : 16
  • File Size : 12K
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • star space Alien sifi Planet Robot icon


  • Download : StarTrek.zip
  • Number of Icons : 66
  • File Size : 56K
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • startrek tv space sifi Movie icon


  • Download : StarTrek2.zip
  • Number of Icons : 49
  • File Size : 38k
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • Movie tv StarTrek Bajoran bat'telh BirdOfPray d'k tang DockShuttle DS9 Alt fedPadd1 Galileo5 hypo isolinearChip k7 Kazon Klaestron KlingonFlag Miradorn nomad Phaser regula1 RomulanScout SailShip Shuttlepod spacedock Stargazer Talaxian Tarellian Tholian Tibble1 TOScomm TOShypo TravelPod Tribble3 Tricorder Phaser Shuttle Valkris Vidian visor Voyager Vshuttle VulcanShuttle Icon


  • Download : StarWars1.zip
  • Number of Icons : 59
  • File Size : 50K
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • Star Wars Recycle space Movie Bin tv sifi icon


  • Download : StarWars2.zip
  • Number of Icons : 18
  • File Size : 29K
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • Star Wars tv sifi space Movie icon


  • Download : Movies.zip
  • Number of Icons : 248
  • File Size : 1.16 MB
  • Made/Added By : Danila Medvedev
  • 1984 Akira Alien Aliens Alisa 2001 2010 8Mile AI AboutSchm.. Adaptation Ring, Roadto Perdition1, Roadto Perdition2, Romeo + Juliet, Romeo + Juliet2, Romeo + Juliet3, Romeoand Juliet, Romeoand Juliet2, Ron11, Ron8, Run Lola Run, Schindlers List, Se7en, Seven Samurai, Shakespearein Love, Shawshank Redemption, Shrek, Silenceofthe Lambs, Simone, Sixth Sense, Sleeplessin Seattle, Solyaris, Space, Spirited Away, Star Trek2 The Wrathof Khan, Star Wars IVA New Hope, Star Wars V Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars VI Returnofthe Jedi, Stealing Beauty, Swan Lake, Thirteenth Floor, Threads, To Killa Mockingbird, Tron1, Tron2, Tron3, Two Towers1, Two Towers2, Unbreakable, Universe, Universe2, Usual Suspects, Vanilla Sky, Vinni Puh, Vinni Puh I1, Vinni Puh I2, Vinni Puh II1, Vinni Puh II2, Vinni Puh III, Virgin Suicides, Waking Life, Waking Life2, Walkingwith Beasts, Walkingwith Cavemen, Walkingwith Cavemen2, Walkingwith Cavemen3, Wallaceand Gromit, Wallaceand Gromit2, Wallaceand Gromit3, Wherethe Heartis, Wherethe Heartis2, Winged Migration, X2, X Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien Icon

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