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As far as we know, the icons on the cfhip Icon pages are all freely available. We'd be glad to acknowledge any original sources if told to us. If you have a icon set you would like to add then E-mail them to us in a zip file to Icon@cfhip.co.uk.

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Found 51 Icons for Misc Animals

Misc Animals

  • Download : Misc Animals.zip
  • Number of Icons : 51
  • File Size : 43k
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • Animals AntEater Ape Binky Blue Unicorn Bunny Camel Critter Donkey 2 Donkey Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Dragon 3 Dragon 4 Dragon 5 Dragon 6 Dragon 7 Dragon 8 Dragon 9 Dragon Elephant George Gray Unicorn Green Uniorn Horse Baby Lemur Ring-Tailed Lemur Ruffed Lemur Verreauxs Sifaka Lemurs Black Female Lemurs Black Male Lemurs Coguerels Sifaka Lemurs Collared Lemurs Indri Lemurs Mongoose Lemurs Read Me Lemurs Red Ruffed Little Piggy Lizard Monkeyboy Mouse Newt Panda Republican Logo Ships Monkey Small Elephant Snake Tree Rat Turtle Unicorn Red Unicorn White Worm Yellow Unicorn icon

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