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As far as we know, the icons on the cfhip Icon pages are all freely available. We'd be glad to acknowledge any original sources if told to us. If you have a icon set you would like to add then E-mail them to us in a zip file to Icon@cfhip.co.uk.

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Found 77 Icons for Baylon5


  • Download : Baylon5.zip
  • Number of Icons : 77
  • File Size : 150k
  • Made/Added By : Unknown
  • Ambassador Kosh - Ulkesh Babylon 5 Bester Brakiri Corwin Delenn Dr. Franklin Drazi Garibaldi G'Kar Ivanova Lennier Lockley Lorien Lt. Keffer Lyta Marcus Mollari Morden Na'Toth Pak'ma'ra Shadows Sheridan Sinclair Talia Winters Ulkesh Valen Vir Zack Zathras Movie Icon

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